Can you make your own coffee capsules?

As long as you use a professional sealing machine, buy disposable capsule shells and aluminum foil for the sealing machine, you can make your own capsules like factory-produced capsules. The advantage of using the sealing machine is that the coffee powder purchased on the market (usually 250 grams per pack) can be completely sealed at one time, and about 50 can be made, which can maintain the tightness of the coffee and maintain the taste without falling off. It can also avoid that the back part of the circulation shell is porous and not sealed and loses the meaning of using the high-pressure capsule machine, especially no grease. Of course, it can be sealed and stored all at once than the one with double-sided tape. And save mone

Espresso is the base of all fancy coffees, and the espresso with fat can be brewed with the effect of cafes, which is the basic reason why capsule coffee machines are popular all over the world. There are basic reasons for the way that Italian coffee is extracted and all coffee nouns come from Italian. Therefore, after drinking accustomed to Italian coffee, many people do not drip or hand-punch. Including coffee powder brands, they are almost also Italian leaders such as Illy, Lavazza, Segafredo, Kimbo and so on. I can’t beat at least three cups of coffee every day. Today I will talk about using a sealing machine and the Italian national brand Kimbo coffee powder to make coffee capsules. I use the flavor of Aroma Intenso, which I personally like. The price is less than 30 yuan per pack of 250g on tb. I used 2 reused aluminum cups and 4 yellow reused Italian Segafredo cups. You can see carefully that there are three used water injection holes at the bottom. And 50 new disposable cups.

A total of 56 pieces were made, coffee was 30 yuan, and 50 capsule shells and sealing films were a set of 0.35 yuan; the average cost of a homemade capsule was 0.88 yuan. If I use that kind of double-sided film I remember I bought an average of 0.25 yuan, then the cost will be lower, but the effect of hand sticking on the refilling cup is really not as good as using a sealing machine to seal the old cup. The reason is simple: 1) The three injection needles will not automatically locate the reserved holes on the repeating cup. Many people say that they hurt the machine, but this is actually the case. 2) There are too many reserved holes, and the original design of the capsule machine for producing espresso coffee with high temperature and high pressure is lost. And the disadvantage is that it can only be used as a discount to avoid falling off, and the double-sided tape is used in coffee and food, which is weird.

My coffee capsules are made with ground Italian brand coffee powder. After all, the quality of coffee processing in the traditional coffee kingdom is not covered. Any brand is sold globally. Generally, I fill it with coffee powder and exceed the cup by about 3 mm, and then flatten it. I have never encountered the problem of no coffee or no oil. Maybe I am self-made without such troubles! I found that many people have problems in this area. Friends who like homemade coffee capsules are welcome to share their experience and coffee powder taste!

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