Capsule coffee recommendation

In the UK, there are more than 15 Michelin restaurants using Nespresso (market-leading capsule coffee system) to make coffee, including the Fat Duck restaurant owned by Heston Blumenthal in Berkshire and the Ledbury restaurant in London. In France, Nespresso serves more than 100 restaurants, including the legendary L’Arpège restaurant in Paris. Even in Italy—the first coffee machine was patented here in 1884—more than 20 restaurants use the new capsule coffee machine. Compared with instant coffee and ready-to-drink coffee, capsule coffee may be more suitable for users who pursue the original quality of coffee but do not have time to make freshly ground coffee. Generally speaking, instant coffee and ready-to-drink coffee tend to have higher sugar content. In order to make the mouthfeel more “milk and silky”, the so-called “coffee mate” is added. In fact, the saturated fatty acids and “reversed Formula fatty acids” ingredients. Among them, hydrogenated vegetable oil (Hydrogenated vegetable oil), after artificially catalyzed hydrogenation, most of the natural unsaturated fatty acids in the vegetable oil become saturated fatty acids, and the unsaturated fatty acids contained in it may also lose the natural cis structure, resulting in Unnatural “trans fatty acids”. Nutritionists are convinced that trans fatty acids are more dangerous than saturated fatty acids, because saturated fatty acids only increase blood lipids, but do not lower the beneficial HDL cholesterol. Some recent studies have initially shown that trans fatty acids may also increase the incidence of breast cancer and diabetes, and may affect the growth and development of children and the health of the nervous system.

Therefore, there are almost no “three-in-one” instant coffee products in foreign markets. People are more inclined to make their own coffee or use products such as “capsule coffee” that retain the original flavor of coffee and are more convenient to operate.

In order to bring you fast and healthy coffee, we are going to evaluate and compare 2 capsule coffees that are popular in Tianmiao today.

Round 1: Brand comparison

A new star in the coffee world: Italian imported Italian capsule coffee series


A century-old coffee: Nestlé’s Nespresso Italian city tour series capsule coffee

The Nespresso brand was established in 1986 and is a brand of Nestlé Nespresso S.A. The company is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, as a subsidiary of the Nestlé Group. Its main products are special aluminum coffee capsules and capsule coffee machines used with them. The name of the Nespresso brand Nespresso is derived from the combination of Nestlé and the Italian word espresso for espresso. The il Caffe Italiano (il Caffe Italiano) is a new brand founded in 2017 in Sicily, Italy. Compared with Nespresso, it is simply the younger brother among younger brothers. In terms of brand awareness and influence, Nestlé, as a “century-old coffee”, can crush most of its opponents. However, with the blessing of 100% Italian ancestry, its strength should not be underestimated. Nespresso Brand Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Ilinon Brand Rating: ⭐⭐

From the appearance point of view, the two brands have their own characteristics and strengths. Nespresso uses an embossing process, embossing and embossing its logo, so it looks more textured. The Elion uses matte cardboard material to present the corresponding Italian urban scenery in the form of POP ART on the main packaging body. Each painting reflects a different city silhouette, Feel more suitable. From the perspective of packaging materials, the outer packaging material of the Inion is thicker. There is also a paper inner support to protect the capsule at every moment. The advantages of this design are at least two points: 1. The capsule can be better fixed and not easy to squeeze and deform. 2. It is convenient for users to take, and the number of remaining capsules can be visualized, which is worth extra points. On the other hand, Nespresso is a bit weak: the outer packaging is a bit thin, and the way to take it is not humane (the user must dump the capsules to take out the coffee), it is easier to pour a box of capsules out of the brain (self-repair The seasoning bottle with the cap not tightened), and the user does not know the number of remaining capsules. Therefore, it is suggested that Nespresso should learn more from the new brand on the user experience of packaging design. Nespresso Appearance Packaging Rating: ⭐⭐Ilinon Appearance Packaging Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Round 3: Taste Through the evaluation of the two coffees, I personally think that Nespresso’s coffee is more “mild” and powerful Thick is more “enthusiastic.” If you want to objectively compare the taste of the two brands of coffee, it is actually difficult to judge the winner or loser. After all, everyone’s taste preferences may be completely different. Even so, through searching for information, I found that there is a theory in the coffee industry called 4321 theory. Forty percent of the “quality” of a cup of coffee is in the way of planting and processing; 30 percent is determined by roasters; Twenty determine the brewing utensils and water quality; ten percent is the understanding and brewing ability of the barista. Therefore, the difference between the two types of coffee can be explored through the comparative study of decaffeinated coffee powder. So, why should coffee beans be ground into powder? Grinding coffee into powder not only increases the contact area with water but also naturally increases its contact area with air. After the coffee beans are roasted, the aroma and flavor formed during the roasting process will be continuously released. But releasing some gas is also very important for coffee. If the carbon dioxide contained in coffee is not discharged, carbonic acid will be formed during the brewing process, which is why some coffees have a dry taste. If the ground coffee powder is in direct contact with the air, the aroma and flavor of the coffee will be released quickly. When the aroma and flavor are released, the brewed coffee is bland or even boring. Generally speaking, the finer the coffee is ground, the more difficult it is to retain the flavor of the coffee (the faster the flavor is lost), and the advantage is that the espresso will be more mellow. Through the “anatomy” of the two capsule coffees of Ilion and Nespresso (the image on the left is Ilion), it is not difficult to find that the particles of the former are more delicate and the color looks more “fresh” (please indicate here) It’s not that the fresher the color, the better), while the latter is obviously “older”. This may be the reason why Espresso is more “enthusiastic” than Nespresso.

Based on the above preliminary evaluation, we can find that the two coffees have their own advantages. Nespresso can crush an opponent in terms of brand awareness and. But in terms of user experience, taste, and cost performance, there is no obvious advantage. It is worth mentioning that: Ilion capsule coffee is obviously superior to the former in terms of price and user experience. For ordinary consumers, choosing a suitable coffee is the most important. If you like the taste of original Italian coffee, you can try this 100% Italian imported Italian coffee.

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