How to choose the coffee capsule that suits your taste?

I am not a professional taster. Drinking alone can only tell the degree of sourness, bitterness, and astringency. I can only fill the gap when I see that there is no answer to the difference between tastes systematically. Yes, this article is for beginners who started to drink capsule coffee but don’t know how to choose the flavor;
All comparisons are made by drinking several kinds of coffee at the same time, so each comparison can only be done in one series, there is no way to drink more than 20 kinds in one breath;
Some flavors are not interested in trying for the time being and maybe supplemented in the future. The annual limited edition will not be discussed here. After all, it changes every year, and the previous ones are not available;
Accurate intensity, bitterness, and baking data can be found on the official website. The following are only subjective feelings. Compared with the gorgeous description of the official website, I can only speak human words;
The distribution of taste buds varies from person to person, so this article is a slightly personal preference;
If you don’t want to watch the process, skip to the end to see the basic series summary and basic combination recommendation

The last big group photo was a bit blurry, so let’s zoom in by yourself

Not counted as limited edition flavors, the basic flavors are divided into six categories, and each category is the order of taste from strong to weak from left to right. I will first follow this table from bottom to top and finally summarize it from other angles. Once again, the exact data differences can be found on the official website. I’m just talking about intuitive feelings. The color of each capsule already represents its taste concentration to some extent. When you are confused, picking a color you like is also a good way.

Flavored coffee

I only drank this series once and did not compare it repeatedly. It is among the 20 flavors included when I bought the machine. I will not buy this series specifically, hahahahaha. I like the simple taste of the coffee. I don’t even put sugar in it. I always find it strange if it is mixed with other flavors. So I am not very interested in various flavors, maybe one day my temperament will change and I will buy it. If you are interested, the recommended level is vanilla> dark chocolate> caramel, because dark chocolate and caramel will be more bitter.

Large cup of coffee LUNGO

Envivo Lungo-strong, caramel-rust red

Because of the caramel flavor in it, I have not been interested in it, nor have I ever tasted it~

Fortissio Lungo-rich, full-bodied, malt-dark green

Vivalto Lungo-complex, balanced, floral-sea blue

Linizio Lungo-round, smooth, grain-orange

First of all, they are all in large cups, so the water will be lighter than other types. Maybe this category is suitable for American style. These three are put together for a blind drinking test. First, you can feel the whole thing without adding milk, and then add milk. The milk taste can neutralize some of the sourness and make people drink clearly other than sour and bitter taste. The orange-yellow bitterness is concentrated on the front and edge of the tongue, and the bitterness is slightly acidic. The whole drink is flat and not very characteristic; the sea-blue bitterness is concentrated in the back of the tongue, and the bitterness is woody (the official website suggests that it is floral The taste of) is not very bitter after adding milk, it is slightly more distinctive than orange; dark green is the bitterest of the three, reaching the bitterness of general coffee, and the taste is more complex and three-dimensional. If orange is Flat bitterness, sea blue is vertical, dark green should be a mixture of the rich bitterness of the first two.

In general, orange is plain and easy to pick, sky blue is fresh and interesting, and dark green is mature and complex.

Decaffeinated coffee

This series is selected from the existing flavors of each other series, and processed into a low-caffeine version. The taste is the same as the original one, which can be understood as the taste is not so strong, and the other feelings are basically the same. If you like a certain flavor and find it too bitter, you can try its low-caffeine version. Or if you don’t know what you want after watching various comparisons, you can try this series. After all, it is composed of relatively popular ones in each series. Decaffeinated coffee is also suitable for drinking in the evening, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to sleep at night.

“Pure Source” Coffee

Indriya from India —— strong, spicy —— India

Rosabaya de Colombia-fruity, balanced-Colombia

Dulsão do Brasil-sweet and silky-Brazil

Bukeela ka Ethiopia —— floral, wild —— Ethiopia

I drank one of the Indian flavor before. The Ethiopian flavor was just after I bought it last time. Only Colombia and Brazil drank it back and forth at the same time this time. Obviously the heaviest flavor in India, so I drank it once and never bought it again. I don’t remember the details. Colombia’s characteristic is sour. It should be the most sour among the more than 20 flavors. I saw the official website and found out that it has jam and wine flavors. No wonder it is so sour. After adding milk, the acidity is much relaxed and it stays in the fruity sour. Feeling inside. In comparison, Brazil is much softer, but it is not as dull as the orange Linizio Lungo, it belongs to the feeling that the various flavors are balanced just right. Although the Ethiopian is the lightest, it can really taste the floral fragrance. It is a pleasant surprise to me. It is suitable for girls who are not able to accept the bitter taste or newbies who have just tried it. You can drink it without milk. This is also the only big thing in this series. One cup size.

This series is quite fun, I think they correspond to girlfriends in different states. Ethiopia is a girlfriend with a cute baby state, Brazil is a normal girlfriend, Colombia is a girlfriend who is angry when he is jealous, and India is a girlfriend who is furious. If you don’t have a girlfriend yet, you can buy this whole series and feel it, hahahahahaha~


Livanto-round and balanced-ocher

Capriccio-rich, unique-dark green

Volluto —— sweet, light —— golden

Cosi —— mild taste, lightly baked —— light brown

This series is the most common espresso. The four flavors of this series are quite classic and durable. The ochre Livanto on hand accidentally drank, so this time it is officially dark green Capriccio, golden Volluto and light brown Cosi. Although the overall strength of ochre Livanto is greater than light brown Cosi, light brown Cosi is actually better in terms of bitterness. The ocher Livanto is basically an enhanced version of the previous orange Linizio Lungo. There is no special flavor that pops out. The overall is very balanced, suitable for people who like a round taste. The reason why the light brown Cosi is more bitter than the ochre Livanto is that it is characterized by micro-roasting, possibly because the beans are slightly charred. After adding milk, you can clearly feel the aroma of baking, and the other flavors are pressed very lightly. Very individual taste. Golden Volluto alone is a bit sour and can be transformed after adding milk. It feels like the combination of Rosabaya de Colombia and Dulsão do Brasil before. It is not as sour as Colombia but retains its fruity taste and brings a little Brazilian sweetness. . The dark green Capriccio was put at the end because I don’t know how to say it. The various flavors are a bit thicker and more complex than the first two. It’s hard to say that there may be too many things mixed. It is a mysterious taste.

One day on a whim, I put the dark green Fortissio Lungo and the dark green Capriccio together and drank it. Except for the strength, they are really not different. They are all grains. The dark green Fortissio Lungo is slightly bitter, and the dark green Capriccio is slightly sour. , The difference is even smaller after adding milk, and the dark green can be roughly regarded as the dark green version of espresso. The dark green Capriccio is less intense, but the taste is more complex than the dark green Fortissio Lungo. I personally prefer Italian, so I love the dark green Capriccio more.

Strong coffee

Kazaar-Extraordinarily strong, dense and round-navy

The most heavy-tasting of all the flavors, it is bitter to drink alone, and it is barely acceptable with milk, so I picked this one for a day. As for the taste, I only have the feeling of domineering side leakage. For me, this is not a drink, but a magic medicine that I always keep all night. A shot of this series is recommended to be 25ml, because it is a strong family, it is not easy to look at the color.

Dharkan —— Slow baking, delicate and silky —— Blue gray

Ristretto-rich taste, strong contrast-pure black

Arpeggio —— strong, dense —— deep purple

Roma-full and balanced-dark brown

When the four stars of this series were first shot, you could clearly smell the blue gray and pure black exuding a high-cold aura that no one should get close to. Deep purple and dark brown are usually very domineering when played alone, but they were obviously lost by the first two after putting them together. A suppression. If each series has a unique but well-balanced taste, Dark Brown Roma has various roles in this series. The entrance is slightly sour, slightly astringent, and full of bitterness. After adding milk, the sourness is slowed down, leaving only uniform bitterness. Deep purple Arpeggio alone is more acidic than deep brown Roma. The acidity is converted after adding milk. What is converted into can’t be distinguished at first. Yes, the deep brown Roma after adding milk is more acidic than deep purple Arpeggio, but Arpeggio is not as bitter as Roma. complex. I thought it was like this. The magic is that I didn’t rinse my mouth after drinking pure black Ristretto and then turned back to try the deep purple Arpeggio. At this time, I could feel the sweetness, not the sweetness, but the feeling after comparison. Pure black Ristretto is a very pure taste, it is pure bitterness, there is no dead angle in the mouth 360 degrees, almost close to the pinnacle of this series Kazaar, sourness and everything are covered by bitterness. Milk mainly neutralizes the sourness, so Ristretto is still bitter like a straight steel man after adding milk, but the bitterness has a mellow and dense taste. The blue and gray Dharkan official website data is stronger than the pure black Ristretto, but the fact is that drinking Ristretto alone is more bitter, and the level of Dharkan’s bitterness is not as rich as Ristretto. After adding milk, Dharkan can feel that its bitterness comes from baking, and the milk will not weaken too much bitterness. Therefore, with the bitterness of deep baking, the previous few can be beaten alone. Compared with the straight steel man Ristretto, Dharkan is considered a special soldier. .

It takes courage to make this series and compare the last four at the same time. Forgive me for having just finished drinking it, and it’s a bit awkward. I can’t tell the characteristics of this series alone. I just think the concentration is high. Now I find that the various highlights are really compared to come out. Just like Stephen Chow and Tang Bohu’s Qiuxiang, Qiuxiang alone is not so beautiful, right. So if you can’t feel it because you bought a feature, don’t be frustrated, because you haven’t established a fixed coordinate at the beginning, it will be better if you drink more.

Also, milk is also very important. I have been using Tetra Pak to pack the whole fat of Deyun. This time I temporarily changed the small house of Guangming, and I felt that it did not have the mellowness of Deyun. Remind friends who like cappuccino, domestic fresh milk does not know if it is because of the fat content, most of the milk can not be frothed with a rotating milk frother (not that domestic milk is not good, but from a physical point of view Consider). Also, try not to use creamer balls instead of milk when drinking Italian style (American style does not matter). I’ve been lazy for the past two days and don’t want to wash the milk frother with creamer balls. No matter what the flavor is, the creamer balls will be bought like convenience stores. Compared with milk, the hiding power of creamer is too strong, and the flavors that are absent are not visible. Only bitterness and milk flavor are left in the mouth. So what should I do if I am too lazy to froth the milk? Pour the milk directly into the coffee and heat it in the microwave. Yes, I am just such a rough man when I am lazy. What should I do if I drank the milk temporarily? Use milk powder. This is my bottom line.

Basic series summary

Among the six series, Intenso, Espresso, and Lungo are the basic series that can be compared together. They basically follow the same routine, and each series has the following components (the number behind represents intensity).

The taste is round and balanced group-the three tastes of bitter, sour and astringent are very average, and the taste will be very soft, but at the same time the individual characteristics are not obvious, they are like the super good temper in the crowd;
Big Cup Linizio Lungo Orange-4

Concentrated series Livanto ochre-6

Intense Series Roma Dark Brown-8

Sweet, fresh and lovable group-add flower and fruit fragrance, single drink is reflected in acidity, and can be fully displayed after milking. They are like the appearance of each group, which makes people feel happy;
Big Cup Series Vivalto Lungo Sea Blue-4

Concentrate Series Volluto Golden-4

Intense Series Arpeggio Deep Purple-9

Layered rich connotation group-generally mixed with the baking feeling of various grains, continuously superimposed on the bitter dimension, and the taste becomes mellow, they are like the mature and stable uncle Ouba in the TV series;
Big Cup Series Fortissio Lungo Dark Green-8

Concentrated series Capriccio dark green-5

Intense Series Dharkan Blue Grey-11

Distinct characteristics and individuality groups-certain elements are very prominent and easy to identify. They are unique existences that are conspicuous in the crowd.
Large Cup Series Envivo Lungo Rust Red-9

Concentrated series Cosi light brown-4

Intense Series Kazaar Navy-12

Attentive students will find that the intense series of “Ristretto Pure Black-10” is not in the list, here I will talk about it separately. It is a dividing line for me. Many details and features of intensity above 10 will be covered by bitterness. Ristretto is very complicated and heavy, but it is not included in the rich layer group, because the Dharkan Blue Gray-11 of the same series is more bitter than it. It’s even better in exploration; it’s not considered as a round and balanced group. How can this intensity be rounded, even though it’s balanced in all aspects; in fact, Ristretto also has a pleasing floral and fruit fragrance, but it is covered under high intensity It’s not sweet; in general, Ristretto is just like its capsule color. It has everything in black, and everything is mixed and engulfed by high-intensity bitterness, and it is indistinguishable.

Basic combination recommendation

Balanced Harmony Package: It is the rounded and balanced taste group summed up before and Ristretto pure black. The above picture shows that the intensity of the four of them just forms a uniform queue with a span of 2. This combination allows you to experience the soft and easy access at the same time. Each kind of uniformly increasing intensity, so as to determine what suits you, and the choice of other flavors in the future will produce a clearer concept of intensity.

Flavor Discovery Package: I didn’t use a line to connect this combination on the picture, because they are the four flavors with strength 4 in the outermost ring, Vivalto Lungo Sea Blue / Volluto Golden / Linizio Lungo Orange / Cosi Light Brown. If the first package is to feel the difference in intensity, this package is to experience different flavors under the same intensity, one is like the ordinate and the other is like the abscissa. When the intensity is low, it is easier to experience aroma changes other than coffee. In this group, the orange Linizio Lungo is like the origin of the coordinate, which contrasts the other three changes.

Sweet popular package: The sweet, fresh and lovely group summarized above plus Ristretto pure black, careful students can find that these four combined together are the official decaffeinated coffee series. It seems that they are really popular. The starting point of such a combination was mentioned earlier, Ristretto Pure Black can perfectly bring out the sweetness of the other three floral and fruity notes due to its unique taste. Students who like this tune can also add Dulsão do Brasil Brazil and Bukeela ka Ethiopia from the “Source of Innocence” series to this package.

Rich and mellow package: The previously summarized level and rich content group plus Kazaar navy (or Ristretto pure black), this package is quite heavy and belongs to the ultimate player. It is very coincidental that they form a uniform intensity increase with a span of 3. This combination is suitable for people who love mellow baking and are not afraid of hardship. This kind of people can challenge the most powerful Kazaar, so I put it behind this row of connections to form a group without adding auxiliary connections.

Why choose capsules?

In fact, before going abroad, coffee didn’t have any special feeling to me. It was roughly a bitter milk tea. I liked a lot of milk flavor and would add sugar, otherwise it would feel too bitter. Later, when I arrived in Melbourne, I found that most of the coffees bought at $5 from no-name shops on the roadside were super delicious, with the aroma of coffee oil that was pressed under high pressure, and the mellow smell could be better experienced without sugar. Perhaps because Australia has a large percentage of Italian immigrants, their national quintessence has been completely brought over (coffee without sugar is often eaten with coffee and desserts, and their desserts are really sweet), so Star Daddy does look very good here. Wronged.

I was worried that I would not be able to drink coffee with a similar feeling when I returned to China (Later I found out that the taste in a better domestic store was okay, but it was expensive and I couldn’t go out and buy it at any time). Capsules can roughly restore 80% of the taste in the store. I was pleasantly surprised, and I returned to China with a capsule machine. My requirements for coffee are not high, it is delicious and convenient, so capsules are a relatively perfect existence.

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