k cup filling sealing machine,k cup manufacturing filler and sealer

A&H machinery provides a one-stop production solution for single serve k cup manufacturing. You can get all you need to produce your own k cup.

full automatic coffee capsule filling sealing machine

Full automatic k cup manufacturing machine

This packing machine contains 5 processing steps. Empty cups placing, filling process, lids placing, sealing process, cup exit. All are fully automatic!

Manual k cup sealing machine/k cup sealer

If you are new to the single-serve cup market, we highly recommend that you should get started with a manual k cup manufacturing machine. In this way, you can reduce the risk of investment failure. Because a manual machine is very affordable, it won’t make an impact on you even you fail in your first k cup investment.

K cup filling sealing machine showing

Optional k cup filling machine/k cup filler

This machine is used for filling ground coffee into empty cups.You may need this machine when you choose a manual k cup sealer. But It is not a necessary machine, you can filling by hand if you don’t use this machine.

Empty k cup and lids

We also offer you the empty k cup and 2.0 lids, so that you can be easy to get started! 

How K cup was made?

To manufacture a k cup, it normally needs two production processes, the filling process, and the sealing process. There are already many sorts of fully automatic machine in the market(a machine with both filling and sealing function), but this type of machine is a little bit expensive for small business, so we developed the manual type machines to help them get into the k cup production market at a low investment.Now we have different solutions for different budget.