K cup sealing machine and Nespresso capsule sealing machine classification

If you search the internet, you will find that there are 2 sorts of k-cup sealing filling machine and Nespresso capsule filling sealing machine in the market, fully automatic filling and sealing machine and manual coffee capsule seller

So let’s see about what is the advantage and disadvantage of the 3 types of machine

1.full automatic k cup sealing filling machine and Nespresso capsule filling sealing machine.

· Advantage: can finish the filling and sealing process automatically, you don’t need to work by hand
· Disadvantage: The price of a fully automatic machine is super high, so it is not suitable for a small business or someone who wants to test the market of coffee capsules. Generally, you can get a fully automatic machine with 6000 USD, the capacity should be up to 1000pcs per hour

2.Manual k cup sealing machine and Nespresso capsule sealer


· Advantage: More cost-effective, you can get a manual machine with just 249 USD from A&H machinery Limited, if you need this machine, click to learn more.
· Disadvantage: Using a manual machine, you will need to fill coffee powder into empty coffee capsules by hand, and then you need to seal the coffee capsule with foil lids by hand. But it doesn’t matter if you want to start a small scale production.

If you want to start a large scale compatible coffee capsule production, choose the fully automatic coffee capsule filling and sealing machine.

But if you want to start a small business at the beginning, you should consider the manual coffee capsule sealing machine.


Most important, You can get both automatic and manual machine from us, thank you for your time to view this post, hope that it can be helpful for you!


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