K cup filling and sealing machine is the machine that used to produce single-serve cup for k cup style. There are 2 types of machines in the market: the manual k cup sealer machine and the fully automatic machine. A manual machine is for small-batch business while an automatic machine is suitable for mass production.

Manual k cup sealer

Manual Machine description

Below is the manual k cup machine for sealing using, you can also call it k cup sealer. You don’t need a filling machine for manual k cup sealing machine. Because it is not necessary when you choose a manual machine to produce your own k cup type coffee capsues. You can fill the coffee powder into empty capsules by hand, it is enough! Below is the working video of our manual sealing machine.

manual k cup filling machine
manual k cup filling machine

Manual machine parameters


110V/220V, 50/60HZ,460W

After sales

Lifetime support, one year warranty

Process Way:

Intelligent Heat sealing   

Process time:


Sealing speed:


Temperature adjustable:


Machine Dimension:


Default K cup diameter:


Default K cup foil die-cut  :


Customized service for other brands of coffee capsules:


Packing details:

Carton + Thick foaAm ,10kg, 29*29*49cm

Optional single serve k cup filling machine

Of course, if you wish, you can also choose our semi automatic single serve k cup filling machine to help you fill coffee powder into empty cups!The machine is controled by micro-computer, can accurately controling the filling weight for every cups.See machine working videos below

Fully automatic k cup filling and sealing machine

Automatic machine description

With our automatic machine, you don’t need to do anything by hand, all are fully automatic from placing the single serve cup,filling process,sealing process to cups exiting. Our automatic machine has a high capacity at 1000pcs/h.  below is the working video of our aotumatic machine.

full automatic k cup filling machine

Automatic machine parameters



Filling head:


Sealing head:


Production capacity:

1000 Cups per hour

Gross weight:


Machine Dimension:


The degree of the automation:

Full automatic

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