Automatic Nesptesso & K-cup 2 in 1 sealing machine​


Compatible for both PP plastic & compostable capsules
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Default Nespresso capsule Diameter 37  mm
Default Nespresso capsule Neck Diameter 28-28.5  mm
Default Nespresso foil lid diameter 37  mm
Nespresso Machine Cavities Number  6
Default K cup Outer Diameter 51 mm
Default K cup Neck Diameter 45.5 mm
Default K cup Foil Lid Diameter 51.5-51.7 mm
K cup Machine Cavities Number 4
Sealing  Way auto intelligent heat sealing
Sealing  Time 2 S
Sealing  Speed 500pcs-600pcs/H
Sealing  Temperature 130–300 0C
Power 220V/110v  50/60Hz   500W
Overall  Dimension 450*310*570MM
Gross Weight 33KG
* If your coffee capsule is another size,please let us know. Customization is available.


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Machine type

Nespresso only machine – 6 holes, K cup only machine – 4 holes, Nespresso & k cup 2 in 1 machine