Single-serve coffee packaging equipment:K cup filling machine and k cup sealing machine,Dolce Gusto,Nespresso coffee capsule filling sealing machine manufacturer and supplier

To produce your own single-serve coffee cups that are compatible with K cup, Nespresso capsules, Lavazza, Dolce Gusto, or other brands of coffee pods brewers, you only need a manual single-serve coffee capsule packaging machine(a small sealer) or a fully automatic single-serve coffee capsule filling and sealing machine and some empty coffee capsules from A&H machinery. Our machines can be custom-made for most other brands of coffee capsules in the market! We have a wide choice of single-serve cup packing equipment for you to choose from!

Fully automatic single serve coffee capsule filling and sealing machine

coffee capsule filling mac

Machine Technical parameters:

Electric source:220V/ 50Hz

Filling head:2
Sealing head:2
Production capacity:1000 Cups per hour
Total weight: About 450kg.
Measurement: 120*120*150cm
The degree of the automation:Full automatic
Supported cup style:K cup,Nespresso,Dolce Gusto,Lavazza,etc

Machine working flow:

1. Empty cup pick and place 2. Filling 3. Pre cut lids pick and place 4. Sealing 5. Cup exiting

Automatic Machine Configuration

1Touch ScreenDeltaTaiwan,China
4MotorSeiko NanjingChina
5AC ContactorSchneiderFrance
7Pneumatic partAirTACTaiwan,China
8Button switchSchneiderFrance
9 Indicator lightSchneiderFrance
10Temperature controlTeshowChina
12 RelaysSchneiderFrance
13Air switchSchneiderFrance
14Solid state relayMGRChina

Manual coffee capsule sealing machine

Nespresso capsule sealing machine/nespresso sealer

With our products, you can make coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso

k-cup sealing machine/k cup sealer

With our supplies, you can make coffee capsules compatible with Keurig K cup

Custom service

We can customize our machine for producing most other coffee capsule brands like Dolce Gusto, Lavazza, not only Keurig and Nespresso.

After sales

Lifetime support, 1 year warranty

nespresso capsule filling sealing machine

A&H Machinery manual sealer machine parameters


110V/220V, 50/60HZ,460W

After sales

Lifetime support, one year warranty

Machine working video

Process Way

Intelligent Heat sealing   

Process time


Sealing speed


Temperature adjustable


Machine Dimension


Default K cup diameter


Default K cup foil die-cut  


Default Nespresso diameter


Default Nespresso foil die-cut  


Customized service for other brands of coffee capsules


Packing details

Carton + Thick foaAm ,10kg, 29*29*49cm

coffee capsule filling sealing machine

Directly buy from A&H machinery

Buy from our distributors worldwide

A&H factory showing

In the past, We only offer big fully automatic coffee capsule filling and sealing machines to big factories to help them produce compatible coffee capsules for K cupNespresso, and other coffee capsule brands. But the price of the automatic machine in the market is too high for some small businesses. So we start to thinking why not try to offer people a smaller machine so that everyone can make their own coffee capsules. Nowadays, we have developed a full solution for different customers! We have production equipment either for small batch and mass production! 

We have both the fully automatic k cup filling machine and the manual k cup sealing machine for your choice. And we have a complete one-stop solution for both of the two options! As one of the leading k-cup sealer and k cup pod filler supplies, our business has expanded to the united states(the USA), Europe, and many other countries.

A&H machinery One-stop k cup packing solution:

We are a k-cup packaging company that can offer a one-stop service for single-serve coffee production. We have helped our customers worldwide to start their k-cup pod manufacturing business. You can find all you need to get into the Keurig compatible k-cup market, including k-cup packaging materials(empty k cups and k-cup foil lids) and k cup packaging machine. Do you know how many k-cups are sold per year? That is a large number, it’s obvious that the future of k-cups is bright! With our k cup manufacturing machine, you can easily create your own k cup. Both manual machines and automatic rotary k cup filling and sealing machines are available! So just join us today!

Nespresso capsule filling machine

We have both the fully automatic Nespresso capsule filling machine and the manual Nespresso capsule sealing machine for your choice. And We can also offer a full-stop solution for both the two options of Nespresso capsule production!

A&H machinery One-stop Nespresso compatible capsule packaging solution:

 If you choose our manual machine, you will need a Nespresso pod filler(we will offer you the small Nespresso capsule filling tool)to fill coffee powders into empty Nespresso capsules, and then you seal the capsule with foil lids by a manual sealer. But if you choose our fully automatic machine, you don’t need to do the filling and sealing process by hand, that is totally automatic!

Last but not least, our coffee pod manufacturing machine can be custom-made for any other brands of coffee capsules. Just feel free to send us a sample of your capsule, and we will give you a solution.

Frequently asked questions

If you search the internet, you will find that there are 2 sorts of k-cup filling sealing machine and Nespresso capsule filling sealing machine in the market, the fully automatic filling and sealing machine and the manual coffee capsule seller

So let’s see what is the advantage and disadvantage of the 2 types of machine

1.full automatic k cup filling sealing machine and Nespresso capsule filling sealing machine.

· Advantage: can finish the filling and sealing process automatically, you don’t need to work by hand
· Disadvantage: The price of a fully automatic machine is super high, so it is not suitable for a small business or someone who wants to test the market of coffee capsules. Generally, you can get a fully automatic machine within 6300 USD, the capacity should be up to 1000pcs per hour.

2.Manual k cup sealing machine and Nespresso capsule sealer

· Advantage: More cost-effective, you can get a manual machine with a very low price from A&H machinery, if you need this machine.
· Disadvantage: Using a manual machine, you will need to fill coffee powder into empty coffee capsules by hand, and then you need to seal the coffee capsule with foil lids by hand. But it doesn’t matter if you want to start a small scale production at the beginning.

If you want to start mass production of the compatible coffee capsules, choose the fully automatic coffee capsule filling and sealing machine. But if you want to start a small-batch business at the beginning, you should consider the manual coffee capsule sealing machine.

All our machines have lifetime support, 1 year warranty

When you run out of empty coffee capsules, you can driectly purchase empty capsule from us!

Yes, our capsules can work well with all Keurig coffee makers, including K cup 2.0 machine

Our empty Nespresso capsules have a diameter of 37mm(The original Nespresso capsule), they can be used in all Nespresso coffee makers which support such size!

Yes, please provide us the size of your coffee capsules, and we can customized our machine for you!

If you have other questions please Contact Us

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"Exactly what I’m looking for, awesome machine"
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