We provide worldwide shipping for all our products, free shipping for almost all Countries or regions. Special countries or regions that require additional shipping charges will be calculated at checkout.

Shipping methods & Shipping Time:

  1. For manual coffee capsule packing machines: ship by DHL or FedEx, 7-12 days delivery.
  2. For automatic coffee capsule packing machines and customized cup filling sealing machines: 40-50 days delivery. Canada and the United States: door to door(The first leg is shipped by sea, and the second leg is delivered to your door by local logistics.). Other countries/regions: by sea to port.
  3. For empty cups & lids: if ship by DHL, FedEx or UPS, 7-12 days delivery. If ship by sea + local express, 25-30 days.
  4. Commercial coffee roasters: door to door shipping, 15~25 business days delivery.