AHD-2 Automatic Dolce Gusto Compatible Filling Sealing Machine – 4,800PCS/Hour Capacity


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Working Process

  • Mold Plates Empty Detecting
  • Empty Capsule Dispensing into Mold One by One
  • Nitrogen Flushing into Empty Capsule 1st& into Hopper 2nd
  • No Capsule not Filling
  • Feeding Ground Coffee into Hopper Automatic by Vacuum Feeder
  • Ground Coffee Filling
  • Dolce Gusto Inner Film Cutting & Sealing
  • Nitrogen Flushing 3rd
  • Dolce Gusto Outside Film Cutting
  • Pneumatic Type Heat Sealing
  • Finished Capsules Output & Conveyor Belt Transporting

Technical Parameter

Model AHD-2
Filling head 2
Capacity Dolce Gusto 4000-4800 capsules per hour
Filling volume 1-30 grams (adjustable)
Accuracy +/- 0.05-0.1 gram
Power 3 KW
Air 0.7 m3/min
Power source 220V/380V/50HZ/60HZ 3PHASES, L3+N+PE
Weight 1200 KG
Dimension 3300*1500*2000 MM, L*W*H


This is a linear type machine that is designed for powder products to be filled and sealed inside empty Dolce Gusto capsule specially. It applied with world famous electrical and pneumatic components, convenient and reliable. The features are compact structure, high automation, easy to use, stable performance, simple maintenance, and high production efficiency and 24-hour continuous work. With castors, easy to place where you need.

Material of machine:

  • Body of machine is made of painted steel and covered by stainless steel.
  • All parts in contact with product are made of stainless steel 304.
  • Mold plates are made of black gold oxidated aluminum.
  • Safety dustpoof cover doors are made of acrylic.
  • Sealing head is made of high quality cooper.



  • Dustproof safety cover the whole machine except operating HMI and output transporting conveyor belt.
  • Machine stops if the door is opened, this function is optional, and operator can choose to turn it off when needs to open door for debugging (optional).
  • Equipped with 3 colors troubleshooting lamp.
  • Protection: Compressed air gas disconnected, machine will not work. Compressed air pressure not enough, machine will stop automatic. Incorrect voltage phase connection, machine will not work. Cylinder with magnetic limited switch, prevents parts breaking down.


The machine can process different designs of capsules, for specific model plates of capsules can be also supplied with the machine to suit different capsules. Such as Lavazza blue and K-cups.