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Get best pod making machine from A&H Machinery today. Single serve coffee pod packing machine with 3 year warranty. Free worldwide Shiiping.

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About A&H Machinery

In the past, We only offer fully automatic pod making machines to big conpanies to help them produce compatible coffee capsules for K cup, Nespresso, and other coffee capsule brands. But the price of the automatic machine in the market is too high for some small businesses. So we start to thinking why not try to offer people a smaller machine so that everyone can make their own coffee capsules. Nowadays, we have developed a full solution for different customers! We have production equipment for both small batch and mass production!

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How to Choose a Machine or Supplier?

We suggest you considering the following 3 factors when choosing a machine or machine supplier:

  1. Budget and Production Scale
    Generally, small manual machines are much cheaper than fully automatic ones. If you have a limited budget and plan to start with small-scale production, we recommend choosing a manual machine. If you’ve already decided on large-scale production, then we suggest opting for a fully automatic machine.
  2. Manufacturer’s Expertise
    You should select a professional company that has been operating in the industry for many years. These established companies have completed numerous iterations and optimizations in the process of manufacturing machines for customers, and they possess extensive experience in mechanical manufacturing. Therefore, choosing an established company increases your chances of obtaining high-performance, low-failure-rate machines.
  3. Manufacturer’s Credibility
    You may have heard of many overseas fraud cases where scammers fail to deliver goods after receiving payment. Hence, before placing an order, you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s credibility by checking third-party reviews. Moreover, it’s advisable to transact using secure payment methods, such as PayPal, whenever possible.